Fantastic, ‘Une Belle Histoire’… that I made for the Danish Warmblood Studbook was installed in front of the main building of the National Equestrian Center of Denmark. A building with a history ..

The main building, which one finds today, was built in the years 1843-44 by Baron Ove C.L.E. Gyldenkrone (the name consists of the Dutch and Danish coins). How special that Denmark and Holland are together in my Monumental Sculpture ….
Une Belle Histoire !!! .

The Vilhelmsborg estate lays on the site of the former farm Skumstrupgård and the small village of Skumstrup. The farm was elevated to the status of manor at the end of the 15th century and over time it gradually absorbed the lands and farms surrounding it until the village of Skumstrup ceased to exist.[1] In 1660 Gabriel Marselis was given the farms Moesgård, Havreballegård, Stadsgård and Skumstrupgård as payment for debts incurred by the crown during the Second Northern War. In 1673 Marselis’ son, Vilhelm Güldencrone, inherited Skumstrupgård and had it elevated to a barony. The name Vilhelmsborg means “Vilhelm’s Castle” in reference to Vilhelm Güldencrone and the manor stayed in the Güldencrone family for generations, into the 20th century. In 1919 political reforms altered many of the inherited titles and their privileged positions resulting in the Güldencrone family leaving the estate and selling it in 1923.[2]

In 1973 the estate was bought by Aarhus Municipality. The city council elected to turn the estate into the National Equestrian Centre. Several riding halls were erected and much of the arable land was sold off while the forest and park was opened for public use.